PropertyTree Client Login Website

PropertyTree is an application for property managers. However, this new application is for owners and tenants of properties. While building this application, there was necessarily a need for a login page that explained to users what the application is and why they should use it.

I designed and developed this login page in Bootsrap 3 with LESS. The subscriber rate increased after launching this site based on conversions. Previous to this, the site simply had a login with minimal explanation of what the site was and why users ought to use it. The result was increased conversions based on new member logins.

Encouraging trust, engaging users, and social proof are just some of the design methodologies that can be executed to assist in building your user base for your application or website.

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my role

  •  UI Design
  •  Front-end Development
  •  (HTML5 / LESS / Bootstrap 3)