The owner of contracted me to redesign his site. The old site was extremely dated, confusing, and did not have a professional presence.

One of the difficulties was that the site housed 60,000 pages on hotels and all of these were unique and needed to be udpated. My solution was to redesign the main navigational pages (hotels, cars, flights, hostels, etc.) and update every other page (all 60,000 of them) with a new header and footer. Thus, the content would remain untouched but they would all be consistent with a new header and footer.

The result turned out very nicely, and within a year of updating the site, Expedia contacted the owner and bought him out! I should have asked for shares! :)

launch it

my role

  •  Art Direction
  •  UI Design
  •  Front-end Development
  •  (HTML5 / CSS3 / jQuery)