Delacon admin portal

Delacon's admin portal was difficult to use and had been designed by their development team. I was tasked to redesign the UI and develop the front-end code for it.

Before wire-framing the flow, I spoke with the customer support team to research the most common issues with interface. I then sent out a survey to current clients asking them to offer feedback. I used 7 point likert scales and open-ended questions.

Based on this research, I designed a friendlier interface with menu items that were better organised. I did not have the opportunity to do a post-survey follow-up to get clients' feedback on the new user interface. However, support calls and emails dropped by approximately one quarter, as the most common issues were now resolved.

my role

  •  UI/UX
  •  Art Direction
  •  Design
  •  Front-end Development
  •  (HTML5 / CSS3 / jQuery)